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Fuld Version: Customized Industrial Frequency Microwave Power Supply
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Product Description: Industrial frequency microwave power
Product Part Code: WepeX 1000B Series
● Application:Industrial Heater,Dryness Equipment
Input Electrical Characteristics (Input characteristics)
Input voltage range
Input voltage180Vac to 264Vac
Normal voltage range‍
Nominal input200Vac to 240Vac
Frequency range
Frequency Range47Hz--63Hz
Max input ac current
Maximum input current10A max. at full load condition
Leakage Current
Leakage currentLess Than 0.5mA,
@ 240Vac input
Normal input power
Rated input power (220VAC)Wepex 1000B
Wepex 1000B-F
Wepex 1000B-S
Wepex 1000B-TX
Full function, power
300-2000W adjustable
Max. endure input voltage
Maximum input voltage300Vac
(Power supply can not be damaged)
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