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Powder Metallurgy Parts For Motorcycle Camshaft Exhaust System factory
Product Description
Powder metallurgy decompression assembly.
This product also belongs to the engine decompression system accessory, for our company star product, the monthly shipment ability can reach more than 500,000, mainly export the Indian market.

Technical Parameter
1. Weight:19.2g
2. Density:>6.9g/cm³
3. Heat treatment hardness:30-40HRC

Process Flow
1.Mixing→2.Pressing→3.Sintering→4.Heat treatment→5.Checkout→6.Polishing→7.Inspect hole→8.Oil pregnation→9.Assembling→10.Oil pregnation→→12.packaging.

Material Control sheet
Material Control sheet
Material DeslgnationType of MaterialChemical Composition(%)
HLC007Alloyed steelBal.0.6-0.90.5-20.2-0.50.5-2//<2
1. Does your factory have service of OEM&ODM?
A: Yes, we can produce either with your sample or drawings which you prefer.
2. What about your company's regional or market influence?
A: We are the largest manufacturer of powder metallurgy products in taizhou city. We provide accessories for 70% of China's automatic adjustment arm manufacturers, which are of great importance in the field of automatic adjustment arm.
3. How many kinds of powder metallurgy material you choose to use?
A: till now, we frequently use Hybird Low-alloy steel, Diffusion-alloyed steel, pre-alloyed steel, sinter-hardened steel, Ordinary iron carbon, iron and copper carbon powder etc, stainless steel we also use.
4. How many sintering oven or heating equipment you have?
A: We have three sintering furnaces, one of which is an 18-inch RBO fast mesh belt furnace with sintering hardening capacity. One of 18-inch common mesh belt sintering furnace, a jade sichuan push-rod furnace of high temperature, high sintering temperature can reach 1250 ℃. Three sintering furnaces can handle up to 6 tons in a single day. In addition, we also have a 12 - inch mesh belt furnace, three well - type steam treatment furnace.
5. Do you make mould by yourself or outside?
A: We have a shaddick walking silk, a shaddick mirror spark machine, six ordinary sparks machine (from Taiwan), an automatic grinding machine, a high precision grinding machine, and various kinds of lathe, internal and external circular grinding machine, etc., mould workshop scale is equivalent to a medium-sized mold processing plant. our powder metallurgy mould is produced by our company.
6. What other production facilities do you have?
A: Besides, we also have vacuum immersion machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, vibration grinding machine and other equipment.Powder Metallurgy Parts For Motorcycle Camshaft Exhaust System factory

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